Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 What is the Water Consumers Alliance (WCA)?

The Water Consumers Alliance (WCA) is a grassroots group committed to educating, recruiting, and engaging citizens for the purpose of promoting the availability 0f — and access to — clean, safe, and affordable water.

The Water Consumers Alliance seeks to be an informational and organizing resource to water consumers. The WCA’s communications will educate and engage consumers about the value of water, sustainability, the costs of needed infrastructure improvements, and the need to ensure fairness to consumers.

Who are the members of the Water Consumers Alliance?

The WCA will include concerned citizens in communities throughout the U.S. who are facing water rate increases.

Who is funding the Water Consumers Alliance?

The WCA is funded by citizens, non-profits and companies that are committed to available and accessible clean, safe, and affordable water.

What are the goals of the Water Consumers Alliance?

The goals of the Water Consumers Alliance are to:

1. Educate consumers about water issues and solutions in their communities;

2. Recruit citizens to work together to achieve the WCA’s goals; and,

3. Influence the public policy debate to achieve clean, safe, and affordable water.

 Does the Water Consumers Alliance simply advocate against rate hikes?

It depends.  Every community is different and has different water resources, water needs, and water solutions.

There is no doubt that America’s water infrastructure is aging and is struggling to keep pace with demand.  In many communities major investment is required to address infrastructure problems and to ensure clean, safe and affordable water. Water authorities are faced with higher costs to treat water and increased safeguards to protect water sources.

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